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A-TSI School Improvemet Plan

The Pennsylvania Department of Education, remaining consistent with ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) identified A-TSI (Additional Targeted Support and Improvement) schools based on standards set forth with regard to achievement and growth in both ELA and Math as well as attendance standards. Isaac Tripp Elementary was identified as an A-TSI school based on achievement in Math and ELA (combined); growth in Math and ELA (combined); and regular attendance. The cut scores and results reported were as follows:
Achievement: Math and ELA combined - cut score at or below 31.5%; ITE = 12.9%
Growth: Math and ELA combined - cut score below -1.0 PVAAS; ITE = -1.03
Regular Attendance: cut score at or below 76.12%; ITE = 67.88%

Attached you will find our approach to improving upon each of these areas as documented through our A-TSI School Improvement Plan. Parents/guardians, students, faculty/staff, community leaders/partners worked collaboratively to generate the plan. Please take some time to review our A-TSI School Improvement Plan. Thank you in advance for your continued support.
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